Leading project

I learned to know Jo as a very professional "no nonsense" project leader. Jo has a very professional capability to bring different worlds together to solve project (technical) issues. Jo is a very good project leader to work for and I look forward to work with him again.

(28-February-2008), Jeroen worked with Jo at Logica.


Jeroen Groeneveld - Application Specialist at Shell International Exploration and Production BV
Shell International Exploration and Production BV

Project managing

Jo Visschers is a project manager with a broad level of SCADA, DCS and IT knowledge, he is open to discussions before he takes a decision, he is a very good team player - I very much enjoyed to work with him.

(10-March-2008), Ulrich was with another company when working with Jo at Shell.


Ulrich Kaiser - Technical Consultant at Honeywell Process Solutions
Honeywell Process Solutions

Shell OMPro project

Having worked with Jo on the Shell OMPro project since 2007 he is a very dedicated and extremely professional manager. His teamwork and organisational skills were impeccable and nothing was ever too much and dealt with immediately to a resolution of the highest standard. I would definately request Jo for any future projects as his management skills always surpass expectation. Thanks Jo.

(22-March-2010), Colin reported to Jo at Shell


Colin Rothery - Transition to Support Specialist at Shell Information Technology International
Shell Information Technology International

Information Systems

It was a pleasure to work with Jo on plant Information Systems, especially due to his deep knowledge in this area.

(2-March-2014), Folkert was with another company when working with Jo at Honeywell Process Solutions.


Folkert Herlyn - Director Consulting at Herlyn Consulting
Herlyn Consulting

Alarm Rationalization Study

Jo has come as consultant for doing alarm rationalization study and alarm philosophy development in my company. He has the knowledge on alarm management and has shown us what alarm is, how to build a good alarm system, and utilize all the tools we have on the alarm management suite from Honeywell.&nbsp;<br /><br />We did the short alarm rationalization study for all the plants and now, everyone has the idea how to do it again in the future since it is a cyclic activity and not one time activity. Jo has given us and show us all the things to be prepared and to be done for the improvement of the alarm in our plant.<br /><br />Jo also help us on the preparation of Alarm Philosophy Document that will become our standard alarm management policy in our company.<br /><br />It was a pleasure to work with Jo in this project implementation.


Sandy Sakti