In 1977, during my study at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) I was introduced to software programming. Ever since it has been a topic which has my very interest.

With my first computer (own build in 1980, even before the IBM Personal Computer was introduced), I was fiddling with assembler and Pascal.

During my education in Applied Physics I have learned that the computer has become a very valuable, yes one can even state an indispensable tool to use. Over the years it has become very clear to me the capabilities of computers and the Information Technology, but always in relation to the purpose of these computer with respect to the applications they are facilitating or serving.

Having worked as an IT Professional since 1984, mainly in Industrial IT, I have worked on all levels of programming on various systems like PLC (Siemens S7), SCADA (Cimplicity, FAST/Tools), DCS (Honeywell Experion) or as a software developer on dedicated Unit Control systems. Over time more and more involved with Manufacturing Execution Systems or MES. Interfacing to other systems, but also production Control systems, distributing Orders from the Production Office, down to the Shopfloor to the various machines, to run the specific production Order. And obviously reporting back to the Production Office the results of the production run. In this way a complete and consistent view on the production process was achieved. 

Over time I have been involved from design and development of Process and Production Control systems all the way to ICT Project Management. Leading teams of software engineers. Leading software implementation projects. Managing international teams of engineers and overall responsible for the provided result to the customer within time and budget.

So if you are looking for an experienced:

  • ICT Solution Architect
  • ICT Project Manager
  • ICT Consultant

contact Visschers-Consulting.

Based on my vast experience I am capable of designing and implementing Process and Production Control systems and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) of any scale, large or small.

So I can help as an “ICT Solution Architect” and as an “ICT Project Manager” providing ICT solutions which will help to "improve your business".