Visschers-Consulting is dedicated to help you and your company to "improve your Business".

We work with you and your team, helping you to created the best solution, which brings benefit.


Visschers-Consulting, a freelance company by Jo Visschers.

Jo Visschers has more than 35 years of business experience.

Working in Industrial Automation, providing solution with PLC, SCADA, DCS and MES.


My personal drive is to provide solutions that make me proud by solving problems that help the customer.
I am a passionate, technical engaged consultant, with many years of experience in ICT, Industrial Automation and MES.
I have designed and developed ICT Systems, PLC, SCADA, DCS  and MES systems and acted many years as project manager and team manager,
leading multidisciplinary teams to success. I have successfully and enthusiastically worked on international assignments, handling multi-cultural teams
on international projects with great success.
I can easily bridge the gap between Business and Technics / IT. System Integration is a key word throughout my whole career.

My professional goal is to understand and fulfil the customer's needs and provide a professional solution which helps the customer to improve his business.