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Visschers-Consulting can provide ICT Project Management and ICT Consultancy Services in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) / Manufacturing IT, Industrial Automation, ICT and Alarm & Operations Management

More than 30 years’ experience in ICT, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) / Manufacturing IT and Alarm & Operations Management.

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  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing IT, 
  • ICT Project Management,  ICT Solution Architect,
  • Alarm Management, Operations Management, Operational Excellence.

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You can watch these video's on YouTube to get an impression of some projects I have worked on. I am always impressed to watch these video's and I am proud to have worked on these projects

My contribution to the PDO Oman project was the definition and configuration of the Alarm and Operations Management and the Gas Netwerk Management Solution

My contribution to the Jumbo Javelin project was the design, configuration and implementation of the total Vessel Automation system, based on PLC and SCADA system.

I feel extremely proud if the working of the Ships Ballast system is explain. A crucial component which I have worked on as well.

Although my part in the total projects is rather small, it still makes me very proud that I have contributed to the success of these projects..

Details on these projects can be found in the project reference page.




Alarm & Operations Management



ICT Project management ICT Solution Architect



Manufacturing Execution Systems Manufacturing IT



IEC 62443 OT Cybersecurity